Improve your kid's health.

Our obstacle course will make your child want to spend more time outdoors while improving their strength and balance. You can adjust the obstacle courses to different difficulty and make it as fun for your kid as you like.

With Zanova ninja gear, our child is spending much more time outdoors while trying to complete obstacles we made for him.
- John

Perfect for any age and level

Our ninja set is suitable if you are beginner slacklining for fun or a pro-athlet e looking to improve strength and balance, our ninja slackline course is the perfect backyard challenge for ninjas of all levels.

We always wanted to get an outside activity for our child, and we stopped at Zanova ninja gear and we didn't regret it. Tons of fun for us and our kid.
- Janny

Increase the time your child spends outdoors with the help of our ninja gear!