"My son is not at all careful with his kids ATV, despite the fact I want him to be. But things keep running, no matter what kind of damage he does to it. Great product!"

-Lucas B via Google

"Thank you rosso motors for great customer support my boy love his quad."

-Richard W via Facebook

"I've bought several different things from Rosso over the last few years (gifts for my kids, birthday presents for nieces and nephews, etc) and they've all been great. Not only do the kids love the bikes, but they're durable and reliable too, which makes them gifts that last a long time."

-Adam G via Google

"Very heavy duty and definitely worth the price my daughter loves it 😍"

-Da'Rudy via Facebook

"My son has a Rosso kids blue ATV and he drives it like crazy. There's nothing he won't do to that ATV. And it's lasting' Other than some scratches, it looks as good as new and runs perfectly. These are high quality products."

-Brandon L via Google

"Our little guy loves his Rosso ATV! "

-Mireille F via Facebook

"When i received my granddaughters quad there was a couple issues. Im assuming from shipping. (heavy box). I called and got a real person to talk to and they resolved the issues immediately. Im a little older now and it was the first time in years that i had real customer service. I would recommend dealing with this company to anyone. "

-Mike H via Google

"We purchased the Quad 4wheeler for our 3 year old for Christmas. Best purchase ever!! He rides on low speed for hours everyday! The battery has never died in all those laps around our house. Money well spent, Highly recommend the 4wheeler!!"

-Leslee via Facebook

"I got the Rosso kids ATV in blue for my son and it's way better than I expected! It's like a real ATV, just smaller! I'm kind of jealous of all of the fun he's having and now I want a bike tool"

-Brandon L via Google

"There were two happy boys when we got home last night to the two new four wheelers from Rosso Motors!! We quickly determined that more riding gear is going to be a must! Life with boys 🤦😂💙"

-Maria M via Instagram

"My son has taken his kids ATV nearly everywhere, and he's had a few spills on it, but it still runs just as well as the day we bought it It was certainly worth the price. I would shop at Rosso Motors again"

-Nicole P via Google

"I put a couple reviews on a recent purchase!! We are very happy with the product and the little issues we have had, i cant tell everyone enough the response time, helpfulness and professionalism had been beyond my expectations!! Our son loves is new Quad and we will def keep recommending the products and company!!"

-Christina Marie via Facebook

"You would think that a kids ATV would get destroyed pretty easily by overexcited children, but this hasn't been the case with ours. My two kids - and plenty of their friends — have given their ATV a decent amount of abuse and it just keeps on going. That gets Rosso Motors high marks in my book."

-Casey M via Google

"great customer support and service was surprisingly fast from tech to sales department, I would recommend rosso quads for their young ones."

-Richard W via Facebook

"We've had a Rosso Motors kids ATV for about a year and there hasn't been a single issue with it. The boys ride it several times a week, and we've never had to do more than routine maintenance. Great product"

-Liam A via Google

"Rosso Motors has been wonderful with us and the 4-wheeler that we purchased. As a consumer the most important thing is for a business to never run from issues or problems (keeping in mind the issues we had were completely out of their control). We have been so pleased with the customer service of Rosso Motors. We will continue to purchase products from them, and will highly recommend them to anyone and everyone. Gary went over and beyond to help us with our 4-wheeler, giving this company 5 stars for sure!!"

-Kiersten M via Facebook

"I had a few questions about one of the bikes, so I contacted Rosso Motors by phone. They were extremely polite and answered all of the questions I had for them. My bike was delivered right on time, exactly as ordered. My son loves it!"

-Jodie M via Google

"Amazing! We've tried many products and haven't been happy. We finally found this and it's exactly what we were looking for. Enough power for our 3 year old to actually ride around our property."

-Danielle M via Facebook

"It was my son's birthday last week and we surprised him with a blue Rosso electric ATV What a gift! He went nuts when we gave it to him and he hasn't stopped riding it since he got it If you know any adventurous kids, this is the perfect gift."

-Jodie M via Google

"i got one for my grand daughter for her 5th birthday, she was over the moon when she got it and her 21/2 year old sister was the 1st one on it, she loved it as much as her older sister, I will be ordering another in a couple of months for my 3 year old . They will love riding together. Their parents are always outside with them and they ensure their safety . This is a great company to do business with."

-Lenora H via Facebook

"These Rosso kids electric ATVs look so cool' My child rides his outside and the neighbors all stare! He has so much fun doing it too. Really awesome product. "

-Linda M via Google

"My son loves his he got for Christmas"

-Mark K via Facebook

"I have three daring and adventurous kids and they LOVE the kids ATV that we got them at the beginning of the summer. They ride it all the time and it's quite durable. They've put it through a lot and, besides a few little scuffs, it looks as good as when we first got it."

-Waffle via Google

"We have 3 for our grandchildren they love them"

-Cindy A via Facebook

"I bought a Rosso Motors kids quad ATV for my nephews and they love it! It's just like a real ATV, but for kids. It looks great, is well made, and they have a lot of fun with it It can really go over a variety of different terrain and it's super tough."

-Pauline O via Google

"I bough my 3&4 year old one and will be buying a second one soon my kids love it and works really good "

-Natasha T via Facebook

"My son has had a great experience with his ATV He just loves it It's great for riding around in the backyard and we even take it up to the cottage for the summer. He loves that it looks just like a smaller version of the ATV his uncles have."

-David C via Google

"Not one regret for buying one. Great machine "

-Jo G via Facebook

"My son and I both have electric ATVs from Rosso and it's been really fun to ride around exploring with him. We go on so many adventures together and it's been really great I highly recommend these ATVs"

-William G via Google

"My 4 year old daughter figured this out on her second time out. These are great little machines "

-Derek W via Facebook

"We got our kids an electric ATV in the spring and it was certainly a good decision. They love taking it out for rides with their friends and they go on all kids of adventures with it It's certainly given them a bunch of thrills and made some memories for all of us."

-Breanna K via Google

"Our twin boys love riding their Rosso Quads at the lake 👍😎#enjoythemoment"

-Derek W via Facebook

"I purchased a quad on Dec. 3 for my grandson. He is 5 yrs old. This is a well built product. My grandson loves this quad. I would recomend this Product a 100%. The price was more than reasonable."

-Wayne C via Google

"Great products, my son runs his quad aggressively and Rosso is always helpful in getting parts and repair issues resolved. Great place. "

-Parker R via Google

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