Supportive Foam layer

A supportive foam layer will cradle your newborn safely, and the contouring memory foam layer will support proper posture in your toddler’s back and neck.

We bought this mattress for our newborn, it's soft and support our toddler's posture. Would definetely recommend.
- Jane

100% natural hypoallergenic cotton cover

Our mattress features an anti-slip layer to keep it in place, and it’s precisely fitted to reduce wrinkles and bunching as your infant sleeps. If you’re worried that nighttime accidents and daytime spills will ruin it, relax - the cover is water-resistant and machine washable! .

I really love the double-side feauture of this mattress, good quality and well designed.
- Cynthia

Improve the quality of your toddler's sleep with out double-sided mattress