Let kids experience the joy of riding a Go Kart

Give your children the most awesome ride in their life with the Rosso M1. With four wheels to help stabilize them, they can have all that easy fun you can only get when riding a 4 Wheeler. And an actual accelerator pedal and steering wheel will make it more realistic for them!

Ride for hours. Not just 15 mins.

Ride up to 2 hours on a single charge. Achieve a top speed of 8 mph (12 km/hr) with the powerful 24V motor.

Advanced safety features. Less likely to fall.

The Rosso M1 is the ultimate ride-on for kids who always want to be big. Other safety features include seat belt, fully covered bottom, visibility flag, and padded seats that keep your little one secure at all times.

Easy assembly. Unpack and enjoy.

The Rosso M1 is designed for easy assembly. And if you need extra help, our live customer support line is one click away.

What's the difference between Rosso kids go-kart and others

Rosso Go-Kart
Other Models
Drift Function
Bluetooth Music
Covered Bottom
Padded Seats
Easy to Assemble
Live Customer Support
Battery Life
Up to 120 minutes
Up to 90 minutes

M1 Kids Go Kart Product Specifications

Recommended Ages
Weight Capacity
Top Speed
Maximum Range
Charge Time
6 - 12 years old
130 lbs (60 kgs)
24V 10Ah
7.5 mph (12 km/h)
1 - 2 hours
8 - 10 hours
Seat width
Length from back of seat to pedals
Ground clearance
Net Weight
54" x 30" x 22" (137 x 77 x 55 cm)
16" (40 cm)
26" (66 cm)
8.5" x 3.5" (front) 11" x 4.5" (rear)
70 lbs (31.9 Kg)

Rosso M1 Kids Go-Kart Assembly Video

Rosso M1 Go Kart Product Manual

If you want to know more information about our Rosso M1 kids go-kart, please have a look at our manual.

Most asked questions about Rosso M1 Go-Kart

Are the tires rubber or plastic?

The M1 go-kart has smooth plastic tires, which help aid in the go-carts drifting feature.

What is the top speed?

The M1 goes up to 8mph, which is compliant with US regulations for kids ride on toys.

How tall does my child need to be to reach the pedals?

The distance to the pedals on the M1 is 26", the easiest way to measure this is
to have your child sit against the wall and see if their feet reach 26" from the wall.


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