The only safe off-road ATV. For kids.

The RossoMax e-torque 500 Engine is built with safety in mind: heavy-duty handlebar clamps for securing the steering while riding, remote start and stop for parental control, and large air-filled rubber tires/wheels for greater stability. So you don’t have to worry about your kids riding too fast. Or falling off.

Our daughter uses it all the time, and has a blast. It can either go pretty slow, or super fast. Since she’s 4.5 years old, we keep it on the slower setting (always with a helmet).
- Wade

Ride for hours. Not just 15 mins.

No more worries about battery-life. Ride up to 2 hours on a single charge. Achieve a safe speed of 8 mph with the powerful RossoMax e-torque 500 motors.

It has worked like a charm and the battery keeps a great charge to it so he can just run out and ride it around whenever he feels like it.
- V.Spoone

Ride through dirt and snow. Using real ATV components.

Real rubber tires (6”) provides better traction, better stability and higher ground clearance. Shock suspension makes it less bumpy and it is less likely your child can fall.

No more getting stuck in the middle of the road.

A lot more power than the 12v. My 6 year old daughter loves it. Her old 12v would not go up the hills well but this one he’s no trouble.
- Eric Robinson

No assembly required. Unpack and experience outdoors.

The ATV comes FULLY pre-assembled. And if you need extra help, our live customer support line is one click away.

The front cowling and headlight were damaged during shipping. I contacted the seller and they immediately sent replacement parts for free. Couldn’t ask for better customer service than that.
- Chris

Product Comparison

To create more fun and a safer riding experience for your child, the Rosso Motors Kids ATV has many upgraded specifications and safety features compared to the standard toy ATVs on the market.
Rosso Motors Kids ATV Standard Toy ATV Outcome
Battery 24V RossoMax e-torque 500 Motor 12V or less Rosso ATV has more power and speed, as well as a longer range per charge
Tires Inflatable Rubber (6” diameter) Flex Plastic Rosso ATV has better traction and stability, as well as higher ground clearance
Brakes Disc Brake System Drum or No Brakes Rosso ATV has enhanced stopping ability making it much safer
Suspension Shock Absorbent Suspension Package No Suspension Rosso ATV is a much smoother ride

Product Specifications

Recommended Ages
Weight Capacity
Top Speed
Maximum Range
Charge Time
3 to 6 years of age
90lbs (40kg)
24V (2x12V) / 12AH lead acid
8mph (12.8km/hr)
1 speed (American compliant)
Up to 2 hours
6 hours for a full charge
Seat Height
Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
Net Weight
Rear Disc
inflatable Rubber Tire (6” diameter)
17" (43cm)
40" X 21" X 26"
79lbs (36kg)


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