The only safe off-road ATV. For kids.

The 3-speed safety governor lets you easily control speed. So you don’t have to worry about your kids riding too fast. Or falling off.

Our daughter uses it all the time, and has a blast. It can either go pretty slow, or super fast. Since she’s 4.5 years old, we keep it on the slower setting (always with a helmet).
- Wade

Ride for hours. Not just 15 mins.

No more worries about battery-life. Ride up to 2 hours on a single charge. Achieve top speeds of 13 mph with the powerful 500W/800W motors.

It has worked like a charm and the battery keeps a great charge to it so he can just run out and ride it around whenever he feels like it.
- V.Spoone

Ride through dirt and snow. Using real ATV components.

Large real rubber tires (10”) provides better traction, better stability and higher ground clearance. Shock suspension makes it less bumpy and it is less likely your child can fall.

No more getting stuck in the middle of the road.

A lot more power than the 12v or 24v. My 6 year old daughter loves it. Her old 12v would not go up the hills well but this one he’s no trouble.
- Eric Robinson

Easy assembly. Dedicated customer support.

The ATV comes 95% pre-assembled. Our illustrated instructions manual and video makes assembly a breeze. And if you need extra help, our live customer support line is one click away.

The front cowling and headlight were damaged during shipping. I contacted the seller and they immediately sent replacement parts for free. Couldn’t ask for better customer service than that.
- Chris

Small in Size, Big in Power

The Rosso Motors Kids Army ATV is the ultimate electric quad for children ages 3 - 8 years.

Featuring a 36V battery and 800W motor, it boasts the best power and range for an electric ATV in its category. The Rosso Motors Kids ATV is sleekly designed to be a miniature version of "grown-up" ATVs such as the Yamaha Grizzly, Polaris Sportsman or Can-Am Outlander to give your kids the excitement of real ATV riding in their own backyard, so they can look and feel just like mom and dad!

The Rosso Motors Kids ATV is strongly built with many advanced specifications including big all-terrain rubber tires, aggressive front & rear utility racks, dual LED headlights and a shock absorbent suspension package. Additionally, to ensure the safest riding experience for your child the unit has enhanced safety features such as a disc brake system and 3-speed governor with reverse, which maximize stability and control.

Product Comparison

To create more fun and a safer riding experience for your child, the Rosso Motors Kids ATV has many upgraded specifications and safety features compared to the standard toy ATVs on the market.
Rosso Motors Kids ATV Standard Toy ATV Outcome
Battery 36V 12V or less Rosso ATV has more power and speed, as well as a longer range per charge
Tires Inflatable Rubber (10” diameter) Plastic Rosso ATV has better traction and stability, as well as higher ground clearance
Brakes Disc Brake System Drum or No Brakes Rosso ATV has enhanced stopping ability making it much safer
Suspension Shock Absorbent Suspension Package No Suspension Rosso ATV is a much smoother ride
Speed Governor 3-speed with reverse 1 or 2-speed with no reverse Rosso ATV is safer for young children

Product Specifications

Recommended Ages
Weight Capacity
Top Speed
Maximum Range
Charge Time
6 to 9 years of age
90lbs (40kg)
36V (3x12V) / 12AH lead acid
13mph (20km/hr)
Electric 3-speed with governor
Up to 2 hours
6 hours for a full charge
Wheel Base
Seat Height
Ground Clearance
Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
Net Weight
4.10-6 inflatable (11.5” diameter)
28" (71cm)
19" (48cm)
4" (10cm)
39" x 22" x 28"
110lbs (50kg)

Assembly Video

Product Manual


Strongly built with many advanced specs and extra safety features


We offer the lowest everyday prices


Fast, trackable and free shipping


30-day money back guarantee

Show your kids the joys of the great outdoors

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United States United States

Excellent Product

Y’all have made an excellent line of ATVs for young kids. My son loves it. What I like best about y’all’s ATVs is there simplicity made from commonly sourced products and materials. Very refreshing especially when it seems everything is very proprietary nowadays. The only complaint I have is the quality control on the paint is a little lacking. Found a few runs, but kids are going to scratch them up anyway. Would definitely buy another one.

United States United States

Do not buy

It’s a piece of ****

Roger A.
United States United States

Awesome Atv

Had damage upon delivery but rosso motors took care of it. My son absolutely loves this atv. Ha e used it in light mud, snow, grass, and dirt. Only thing I would want to change after the fact are the shocks, their really stiff. However I know if they used adjustable shocks it would have been more money. Definitely not a deal breaker. Would buy one again

Rosso Motors Kids Toys eQuad X Army Camo 800W Utility ATV 4 Wheeler for Kids Review
Debby A.
United States United States

Grandkids love them

My only complaint and advice I would give to future buyers would be do not wait to assemble these and then check the bikes over good. We bought 2 in early Nov. and not assembled until Middle of January when we finally were able to celebrate Christmas with the grandkids and unfortunately there was some pretty severe cracks and broken plastic. The mechanics are great and the kids love them and I’m sure they’ll get more cracks along the way but for 1,300 for 2 you’d like the damage to come from you and not shipping.

Rosso Motors Kids Toys eQuad X Army Camo 800W Utility ATV 4 Wheeler for Kids Review
Christian H.
United States United States

Life Saver!

This thing is amazing! We are extremely fortunate to live in a wooded area with lots of trails. My son literally rides this thing everyday (except on rainy days). It climbs hills, mounds of dirt, flys over exposed roots, and rips through puddles (my son’s favorite). We ride on the medium setting on our daily trip through the woods. This section of trail has two slow grade LONG hills and the quad performs excellently. The battery life on this setting is an hour. It’s never actually died on us but when we’re coming back to the house and we’ve been out for longer than 60 minutes you can tell it’s struggling. That being said, in the 600-700 dollar price range it outperforms the competition. Our 600 dollar balance bike that runs on a glorified drill battery advertised an hour run time. That’s a joke... thing lasts 15 minutes. If you’re considering the bike or this I can’t stress this enough BUY THIS QUAD! This company has a well maintained YouTube channel that makes fixing anything easy. For example tightening the chain (which is routine maintenance on the quad), replacing the body if your little one smacks a tree, all the way down the fixing issues with wiring. I contacted them with an issue I was heaving, they emailed the very next day, told me I was still in warranty, and had a part in the mail heading to my house that week. Very good customer service. Just to share some of my favorite memories with this quad: 1) Spending priceless time with my son everyday OUTSIDE! When he gets home from daycare it’s not “Dada I want to watch Blippi!”, “Dada do you have games on your phone?”, “Dada can I have my tablet?”. It’s “Dada can we go outside?”, “Dada can we ride our quad in the woods?!” 2) When there is around an inch or less of snow on the ground we turn the speed all the way up and we call it “DONUT MODE!” The little man tears it up! He drifts around the yard, and of course does a ton of donuts!

Rosso Motors Kids Toys eQuad X Army Camo 800W Utility ATV 4 Wheeler for Kids Review