Product Specifications

Dimensions Unrolled
Weight Capacity
Enhanced Features
High grade two-layer cross-linked polyethylene foam
18 ft. x 6 ft. x 1⅜ in.
Neon Green & Neon Blue
Velcro storage straps & 12 ft. bungee tether
6 Months

Stay together on the water. No more drifting apart.

Have beach day with all of your friends. The Floating Fortress supports up to 6-8 adults.

Float pad works great, and half the price! We had 2 kids and 3 adults on this and had zero issues. It has been in the water for almost 2 months straight and working great. We tied it to the side of our dock.
- Eric Rainey

Durable, High quality floating mat.

Being equipped with extremely durable cross-linked polyethylene foam means no more worrying about tears and does not fade in the sun.

Parents and grandparents also had a blast. Material seems to hold up well, I’m a not small 230 and haven’t had any issues with raft other than the grandkids knocking me off. Seems like a good value for the money.
- Bar

No assembly required. Just roll the mat out.

This floating mat requires no assembly. This means you’ll never have to bring an air pump to the lake ever again.

It’s not heavy, takes seconds to deploy and packs easily.
- Stas

Portable home base on the water.

Bring this floating mat anywhere on the lake. Use it as a dock for the ultimate day out.

It has worked like a charm.
- V. Spoone

Tanning made easy. Minus the sand.

Get tanned this summer with the Floating Fortress. Get the full body tan whilst feeling the comfort of the water breeze.

Awesome! Grandkids live on this in the lake.
- Pat Wilkins

Small in Size, Big in Power

Live on the Lake with the Rosso Floating Fortress
Summer is the perfect time for a day on the lake. With the Rosso Floating Fortress, you can float on top of the lake and enjoy the water like never before.

Make This Summer Magical
The Rosso Floating Fortress is a simple, easy-to-use floating foam pad. Just set it in the water and let the magic happen. You can kick back and enjoy cold drinks with your friends, float out to the center of the water for some deep-lake diving, or use it as a portable dock to splash by the edge of the reservoir.

The Fortress is a great floating water mat for lake trips, but it also fits in large swimming pools, ocean marinas, and anywhere else that you want to float. No matter what you want to use it for, enjoy the best summer of your life with this amazing floating island.

Features of the Floating Fortress:
  • Measures 18 by 6 feet
  • Has a weight capacity of 1,200 pounds
  • Made from neon blue and green foam
  • Takes no work to assemble
  • Doesn't absorb water
  • Never fades in the sun
  • Withstands jumping, diving, cartwheels, and other impacts
  • Comes with a 12-foot bungee tether for boating and towing
  • Fits conveniently in the back of your car

Save Time with Easy Setup
Have you ever spent the first hour of your vacation inflating rafts and lake toys? What about those days where you forgot the air pump and had to fill beach balls with only the air in your lungs?

Skip the hassle and get in the water. The Rosso Floating Fortress requires no assembly at all. Just roll it out, lay it flat in the water, and start having a blast.

You can't fail to set up this unsinkable floating water mat; the cell foam floats without any additional support or inflation. If it's in the water, it's on top of the water, and you're free to splash and play with your friends.

Save yourself time this summer and leave your inflatable raft at home. Your friends don't want to wait for you to pump that thing full of air. Lake trips are precious activities that only happen a few times a year; the Floating Fortress will let you spend every minute having some serious summer fun.

Share More Smiles with Friends
The Rosso Floating Fortress has a weight capacity of 1,200 pounds. That translates to 6-8 grown adults or a carload full of kids. Bring your entire group of friends to the lake and enjoy some worry-free fun. Everyone can fit on the Fortress, and nothing you do is going to sink it.

Large group activities create memories that will last for a lifetime. Whether you're enjoying a family trip with your cousins or a summer campout with your high school friends, you'll never be able to forget that magical day spent floating in the middle of the lake or reservoir.

Experience Maximum Comfort
Never get stuck in an inflatable donut again; you'll be too busy relaxing on your full-sized Floating Fortress. The Fortress is made from soft and durable floating foam that just won't sink. You can stretch out and tan, jump up and down, or even dive off into the water.

Experience the ultimate form of top-of-the-water relaxation with this convenient and comfortable design. From lazy summer afternoons to exciting, high-energy pool parties, this durable floating raft lets you live to your maximum potential.

Your Own Portable Dock
This massive floating mat measures 18 by 6 feet. That's big enough to act as a floatable dock and wide enough to hold everyone in your party. Bring along this floating water mat for lake trips, boating excursions, large pool parties, or any other event full of friends, water, and fun.

Treat the Fortress as a home base for you and your friends. You can use the Floating Fortress for scuba diving, lake exploration, and extended swim sessions. Swim as far out as you like with the security of a safe, floating base to return to. You'll spend more time on the water and barely notice that the sun's about to go down.

Highly Durable Foam That Lasts for Years
The Rosso Floating Fortress is made from extremely durable cross-linked polyethylene foam. The foam is completely tear-resistant and does not fade in the sun. Accidentally left it in the water overnight? No problem, the Fortress will still be in great condition when you get back.

Take care of the Fortress by shaking it dry, rolling it up, and storing it in a cool, dry place. The colors won't fade and the foam won't break down. Unless you really run this thing through the wringer, you'll be able to keep using the Fortress for countless summers to come.


Strongly built with many advanced specs and extra safety features


We offer the lowest everyday prices


Fast, trackable and free shipping


30-day money back guarantee

Start enjoying the summer on the water

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Great for kids and adults! Fun day at the beach!

Just purchased the Rosso mat and the kids love it. I thought it would only be for the kids but we have had adults on it with the kids and it didn't sink. Great for boating or just a fun day at the beach. The anchor is handy to tie it off so it wont float away. The neon green and blue are perfect colors the mat looks great.

Rosso Motors Kids Toys Rosso Floating Fortress - Floating Mat for Lake Review
United States United States

Floating mat

Floating Mat is nice, however when there is more than a couple of people on it I feel that the one bungee cord is not sufficient. I had 6 people on it, thought it was going to snap.

United States United States

Great Family Fun!!

It has provided our family with tons of fun this summer!! Very easy to handle and easy putting it in and taking it out of the lake! Great product!!

Dana F.
United States United States


I purchased this floating fortress June 2020 it arrived within a few weeks and in very poor condition. My son and 2 of his friends used it one time and the mat showed gashes on both sides. Then within 30 days and he maybe used it one more time in that 30 day time period the sides of the mat are chipping and deteriorating. We live on a lake and a lot of people have floating mats of all brand types. Recently At our sand bar area I saw a group of adults jumping on their mat, putting a cooler on their mat. The 3 adults were jumping on their mat which was very sturdy. I went over to them to check it out and their mat was almost double the thickess... super sturdy. They said they purchased the mat at Sam's Club for half the price of $247.00. I absolutely DO NOT recommend this Rosso fortress mat!! Buy another brand and it will be cheaper and better quality!

Jason M.
United States United States

Better than 3 others we've tested!

3 friends also purchased mats. All have a rough texture to the foam on both sides. The blue side of this mat is very soft in comparison. The green side is similar to theirs which are the same roughness on both sides. Kids say they are getting chaffed from the other mats, not ours! Thanks Rosso!

Rosso Motors Kids Toys Rosso Floating Fortress - Floating Mat for Lake Review