Rosso Motors Announces Launch of 2019 eQuad Kids ATVs

Rosso Motors Announces Launch of 2019 eQuad Kids ATVs

Rosso Sports, Inc., parent company of Rosso Motors, North America’s leader in the manufacture of kids outdoor toys, announced the launch of two new models in Rosso Motors’ eQuad S Kids ATV 2019 series, the eQuad S Blue for boys and the eQuad S Pink for girls. According to Rosso representatives, the new products have been designed to improve safety while providing enhanced levels of outdoor fun and excitement. 

The new eQuads are equipped with new, improved and updated controllers to provide the best combination of a smooth ride and durability, and to ensure boys and girls will enjoy their eQuad for years to come. As the “brain” of the ATV that manages all communications from different components such as the brakes to stop and throttle to go, the improved controllers also boast more torque to almost effortlessly ascend hills and rougher terrain. Additionally, a newly upgraded rear axle provides enhanced stability, safer operation, thicker and more durable characteristics and easier turn radius, and is strong enough to handle anything a young ATV enthusiast can throw at it. 

A newly-styled front bumper, meanwhile, improves on the already-sleek lines of the eQuad S while simultaneously improving safety and crash-resistance and offering an improved cosmetic appearance, better positioning to prevent headlight and plastic damage and a strong front plastic headline. Improved tires and shocks finish off the enhancements of the new ATVs, with improved off-road rubber made of a stronger material to provide longer life and excellent traction in all terrain and upgraded shocks that ensure the rider is comfortable and able to handle any terrain they seek to conquer – all with better suspension. 

“We believe that it is important for children to spend time outdoors in order to develop a healthy lifestyle,” says a Rosso Sports company spokesperson. “For the past two years, we developed four flagship ATVs that have become adored by over 5,000 families, all while receiving positive feedback and testimonials from parents expressing how their kids just won’t stop smiling when riding their Rosso quads outdoors. 

“The new 2019 models in our Rosso Motors Kids ATV line are the ultimate electric quad for boys and girls three to eight years of age, and have been designed to provide a ‘miniature’ experience of ‘adult’ ATVs such as the Polaris Scrambler, Yamaha Raptor or Can-Am Renegade – now kids can ride real ATVs in their own backyard while looking and feeling just like their parents.” 

Each eQuad S comes with a 36V battery and 500W motor to provide incredible power and range, with enhanced safety features that include a disc brake system and three-speed governor with reverse. Advanced specifications include the aforementioned all-terrain tires made of rubber and a shock-absorbing suspension package, all of which Rosso representatives say maximize control and stability to ensure the safest ride for every child.

In addition to the eQuad S ATVs, Rosso Sports offers a comprehensive line of exciting outdoor recreation products under the Rosso Motors brand including the eQuad X Como, eQuad X Blue, F1 Racer Urban, F1 Racer Army, F1 Racer Red/Black, eMoped Pink and Floating Fortress. The F1 Racer is a two-stroke gas pocket bike boasting a sleek design in a funky urban camo color that’s EPA-approved and which reaches a top speed of 25 miles-per-hour. The eMoped Pink is an adorable electric moped for girls aged seven to 14, coming complete with a 24V battery and 250W motor that provide formidable power and range, in addition to enhanced safety specifications that encompass rubber street tires. 

Rosso’s Floating Fortress represents a unique product for the company as a massive floating mat – measuring 18-feet by six-feet – that acts like a floatable “dock” and which holds six to eight people. Made from extremely durable foam that is tear-resistant and does not fade in the sun, the Fortress comes fully loaded with enhanced features including velcro storage straps and a 12-foot bungee tether. 

About Rosso Motors 

Rosso Motors and its Rosso Sports, Inc. umbrella company representatives understand how sometimes going outside and exploring the great outdoors may be difficult without having the proper motivation to do so. As such, the brand offers its incredible products to customers so that they may discover things previously not encountered before – all by providing the proper vehicle to take them places during their venturing experiences. 

The brand is also renowned for its one-of-a-kind customer experience, always ensuring customers that its products can withstand anything their children can throw at them while lasting for “siblings to come.” Rosso Motors ATVs are impeccably built with advanced parts including front and rear utility racks, large all-terrain rubber tires, dual LED headlights and a shock-absorbent suspension package. 

Rosso Motors can be reached by calling (888) 897-5909. For more information visit or email