Wash your hands anytime, anywhere. As frequently as you want. Without drying out.

Some soaps leave your hands feeling chapped and dry. But not this one! The NONISOAP Hand Paper Collagen Soap Paper Eco Sheet moisturizes without any hassles, all while getting the job done . Keep a few paper sheets in your pocket for when you're out and then just peel off a paper to wash away that icky dirt or touch someone else's germs.

Extremely portable. Fit inside wallets or any pockets.

NONISOAP hand paper soap is extremely portable because it fits inside wallets or any pockets, so you can take it with wherever you go without being bulky! Plus the design is designed to withstand force and won't be crushed inside of your pocket.

Ergonomic design. Extremely convenient. Use with just one hand.

Convenient and easy to use. It's great for those who only have one free hand, which can be very helpful in a number of situations!

Zero Plastic. Biodegradable. Sustainable.

NONISOAP collagen hand paper soap comes in a zero plastic container and is sustainable so you can feel confident that it won't have any negative impact on the environment! When your skin feels thirsty, instead of reaching for another bottle of liquid soap at home or using harsh chemicals from store-bought products while traveling, all you need are these small sheets to gently cleanse even the most sensitive areas without adding more waste into our oceans

Keep your hands clean anytime, anywhere.