Small in Size, Big in Power

The Rosso Motors Kids Moped is the cutest electric moped for girls ages 7-14 years. Featuring a 24V battery and 250W motor that provide great power and range, it is sleekly designed to be a miniature version of a "grown-up" Vespa Scooters to give your daughter the excitement of real scooter riding in their own backyard. The Rosso Motors Kids Moped is strongly built with rubber tires to maximize stability and control to ensure the safest riding experience for your child.

Product Comparison

To create more fun and a safer riding experience for your child, the Rosso Motors Kids Moped has many upgraded specifications and safety features compared to the standard toy Mopeds on the market.
Rosso Motors Kids Moped Standard Toy Moped Outcome
Battery 36V 12V or less Rosso ATV has more power and speed, as well as a longer range per charge
Tires Inflatable Rubber (10” diameter) Plastic Rosso ATV has better traction and stability, as well as higher ground clearance
Brakes Disc Brake System Drum or No Brakes Rosso ATV has enhanced stopping ability making it much safer
Suspension Shock Absorbent Suspension Package No Suspension Rosso ATV is a much smoother ride
Speed Governor 3-speed with reverse 1 or 2-speed with no reverse Rosso ATV is safer for young children

Product Specifications

Recommended Ages
Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
Item Weight
7 to 14 years of age
41" x 16" x 30"
75 Pounds


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